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Open-source application whose goal is to clean your computer from junk files
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Clean Temporary Places is an open-source application whose goal is to clean your computer from junk files. Over time and due to the amounts of data you handle every day, your PC gets cluttered, accumulating thousands of files in temporary folders. This may result in your PC becoming slow and sluggish, and, of course, in wasted disk space.

What this application does is remove unused files, particularly those that remain "hidden" deep inside your PC and may be hard to find through a manual search. It will remove data contained in temporary folders (User/Windows Temp), cleaning the Internet cache, run history, recent documents, software distributions, and all those directories which tend to accumulate large amounts of information. The program offers you a list for you to select the folders that will be emptied, and you can also add the ones you want. Likewise, you can specify the directories that will be excluded from the clean-up.

In the program 'options' there is a list of parameters that you can set up; for example, you can tell the application to start and perform the clean-up on Windows start-up, so every time you start your computer all the temporary data is removed automatically. You can also use the "Smart Cleanup Filter" to determine the size of the files that will be removed, and use other features such as Shell integration. Another interesting option is the Log Report, which keeps track of the removed data and shows some information about these files.

All in all, Clean Temporary Places offers a simple and safe manner to remove unnecessary, hard-to-find files. It only removes data from the selected folders, so there is no chance of damaging the registry or any other sensitive area of your PC, as is often the case with other applications of the kind. Besides, it is an open-source project that seems to be updated regularly.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic clean-up
  • Complete reports


  • The interface could use more work
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